Extra Hours

I have been "so busy" my entire adult life. I have always been the type of person to hold multiple jobs. Even now, I own and run multiple businesses. So I really am quite busy. I see people holding similar work schedules as I do, and in addition to that, they're raising children. I have … Continue reading Extra Hours

Tending my Garden

I have been gardening lately. I have really been enjoying it. I don't have a natural green thumb like my Grandfather but I am learning. My tomatoes are doing great. They are loaded with fruit and about as tall as I am. I'm not very tall.... Just over 5 feet. I decided to start everything … Continue reading Tending my Garden

New Habits

Lately I've been feeling more energetic. I have been getting things done around the house and tackling my business bookkeeping. So much so that I feel like I can see the light. I wake up early and enjoy a cup of coffee, read a little, and watch the sunrise. This has turned into a bit … Continue reading New Habits

Beverage of Choice

I love unsweetened flavored sparkling water. LaCroix, Arrowhead, cheap generic Safeway Soleil.... Almost all of it. ESPECIALLY whatever is on sale. My favorite (right now) is the Arrowhead pomegranate lemonade flavor. Very tasty. The other night a good friend of mine came over. We made mocktails and watched bad 90's teenage soaps. Which, if you … Continue reading Beverage of Choice