A Down Week

I have had a very low week. I feel like the honeymoon phase of my sobriety has worn off and my meds have either not kicked in or need to be increased. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist on Tuesday. I would like to increase my dosage of Sertraline. I've been at 50mg a … Continue reading A Down Week


Margarita Night

I need to think of a good way to respond to people when I'm offered a drink. I was at one of my vendor's dinners the other night. They took us to a Mexican restaurant, same place every year. Which is a good thing because it's delicious and where I live, there is no good … Continue reading Margarita Night

An Entire Month

I can't believe it. An entire month of no alcohol! The last few days have been extremely hard. I anticipate some extra difficult days coming up over this next week. I'm on a business buying trip right now. I'll be traveling until the 10th. Of course, business trips mean happy hours and big dinners with … Continue reading An Entire Month

25 Days

This week has been overwhelming. I'm getting ready to go out of town on Sunday night. My husband has already left. I'll be meeting him later this week. I wish I could say we are traveling for vacation but this is a work trip. It'll still be fun, we'll just be running like crazy. I'm … Continue reading 25 Days

A Better View

Today is day 20 of no alcohol and day 18 of Sertraline. My brain fog is much less. I have noticed I'm more positive and optimistic lately. I still feel a little numb emotionally but I feel that is starting to ease up too. My side effects are becoming a little less each day. Hurray! … Continue reading A Better View